Delta Mod Adjuster System


What Delta Mods do:

The Delta Mods Adjuster Hosel Modules (“Mods” for short) will be offered in different lengths, and different degrees of change.  Different Mods can be used alone or stacked to change, allowing you to adjust loft and lie independent of one another, or in combination.

The following changes can be made with one or two Mods:

  • Loft –  Standard loft = 3 degrees standard – adjust down to 0 degree, ½˚, 1˚ or 2˚, and up to 4˚, 5˚ or 6˚ in ½ degree increments.
  • Lie – 71 degrees standard – adjust flatter to 70 degrees, 69˚ or 68˚, and go more upright to 72˚, 73˚ or 74˚ in ½ degree increments..
  • Toe Hang – adjust from 1 to 10 degrees.
  • If adjusting both loft and lie, you could go two (2) degrees in one direction, and one (1) in another also in ½ degree increments.  For instance, you could go 2 degrees flat and 1 degree strong or weak or on the loft (2˚ or 4˚) or standard (3˚) if you used the standard / neutral ring.

The Delta Adjuster Mods will be offered in standard (0 degree change), ½ degree, 1 degree and 2 degrees of change.  Using two (2) rings stacked, one at 1 degree change and the other at 2 degrees, you could move as much as 3 degrees in any one direction (loft or lie).

How Delta Mods work:

Moving the marked, tilted side of the Mod (marked with a hash mark for ½ degree, one dot for 1 degree, or two dots for two degrees) towards the heel makes the putter flatter, towards the toe makes it more upright.  Moving the marked side towards the back makes the loft stronger, and moving it towards the face make the loft weaker.

By selecting different lengths and or stacking the Mods, you can change the hosel length and therefore the toe hang.  Stubby Hosels can be adjusted to work like standard or long neck hosels, standard can be made to be long neck or face balanced, etc., etc…